Wonder How: The President's Pimped Out Caddilac

Ever wonder what Obama rides around in?

General Motors has built Limo First, it is not so much a car as armored personnel involved in the Cadillac body. It is the codename of "diligence", but given its weight, wheelbase and the level of fuel-like protection, Caddy One has been nicknamed "the Beast."

The limousine carrying President Obama down Pennsylvania Avenue to the White House today is the latest in a long line of Cadillacs to join the First Fleet in recent years. Although GM and the Secret Service vehicle specs jealously and secrets, you can bet Obama's trip is the hardest, the most sophisticated car anywhere. Think of it as the equivalent of Air Force One street

Glove Gun - 4 Teh Lulz

  1. Get a disposable rubber glove. Do not use gloves for washing dishes. Cut the thumb, and you will find that the smaller the finger, the better the shot. 
  2. Find a roll of toilet paper or a roll of parchment paper or Glad-to be found in any supermarket, you can also use a small metal or plastic PVC pipe.
  3. Stretch the thumb on one end of the roll of toilet paper or a pipe and secure with tape. Make bullets for your gun or wrinkled little rocks pieces of paper or aluminum and can also be used marbles. To start a bullet, pull the glove finger backwards, then simply let go!