Hobo Stove

How to Make A Homemade Camp Stove

  • 1
    Take a clean, empty soda can and make a cut approximately 2.5 centimeters from the bottom of the can with your box cutter. Continue to cut around the length of the can. Do the same thing with another clean, empty soda can.
  • 2
    Drill a hole in the bottom of one of the 2.5-centimeter can bottoms.
  • 3
    Take the two can bottoms and push them inside one another. There should now be a can bottom on either side and the two cans should fit together snugly.
  • 4
    Place the cans on a hard surface, hole-side up. Take your needle and punch lots of small holes around the top of the can facing upwards. Try to only punch holes around the outer perimeter of the top of the can.
  • 5
    Pour a small amount of alcohol into the center hole, enough to cover the bottom of the inside of the stove.
  • 6
    Light the alcohol with a match and put a penny over the center hole.
  • 7
    You're ready to cook marshmallows!


Everyday Normal Guy said...

Hmm, i'm kinda tempted to try this. Thanks!

Porfirio said...


now... to hunt the food!

Stare Dad said...

Oh man.. I hope I never get to need this! HAHAHAHHA!

Android News and Resources said...

i might actually print this out and stick it in my camping tent bag. lol, this stuff is pricsless!

mac-and-me said...


Patti D. said...

wow, that looks super cool

The Piggie said...

definitely did this in man scouts....best pancakes ever!

melbnoob said...

Tried this once. Totally failed lol.

J. Reaper said...

Words cannot explain how awesome this is. I NEED to try this...but hopefully, it's not too hard >.<

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